The Land Grows People

DSCF1068 nero ki dakone bea alice and co yolanda youth awel aceng

Acan Almarina and Omono Justo Langoya have been married since 1987, and have had 8 children, and 2 grandchildren. This portrait was the first I took, and it was to mark their 25th wedding anniversary. They are my host parents, and generously provide me a home in their compound whenever I am in Padibe. They live in Pabwoc East village.

Anjello Ludega is an uncle to Omono Justo Langoya – he is one of Omono’s mother’s brothers. He is pictured here with his wife, Cecerina Ludega. I visit them, and my host family’s other two eldest uncles whenever I come to Padibe. They live in Laguri village.

Aceng Beatrice and Kilama Amos met in Padibe IDP camp in 2007. Their son Vita Kisumu was born in 2008. They have since had another son, Oriba Lawrence, born 3 months after this portrait was taken. Omono and Acan’s first-born son, Augustine, is Vita’s godfather. I first met Aceng Beatrice in late 2006 and we visit each other’s homes often when I am in Padibe. They live in Loti¬bol village.

Ogwiti Yolanda poses with her reading glasses and bible. She is part of the same clan (kaka) of Pabwoc as Acan Almarina and Omono Justo Langoya. She knows many of the historical songs of Pabwoc. She lives in Pabwoc-East village.

Akwero Alice and her co-wife pose together on their family's homestead. They both originate from other villages in the subcounty, but moved to their husband's family's home in Pabwoc East village. Alice met her husband while they were in Padibe IDP Camp. A mother of 4,  Alice is the head dancer in the village, and teaches the younger generations traditional Acoli dances.

Anjello Ludega is also a Catechist. He is an uncle to Omono Justo Langoya and lives in Laguri village.

Okot Gomic poses en-route as he corrals his family's cattle. He lives in Pabwoc-East village.

Aparo Beatrice wanted her picture taken in her Senior school uniform. She attends Kuc Ki Gen Senior school.